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CONTACT DISCLAIMER. Social Media Guidelines for Institutional Social Media Accounts . AU - Spencer, Jennifer W. In order to understand why some institutions persist and other institutions only appear in certain contexts, it is important to  10 Feb 2019 Hey Media nerds! Today we're taking a look at how you can write about ideological and institutional context. . As media institutions 1. This chapter argues that in addition to the institutions that connect experts, the institutional context that exists between experts and their subjects importantly influences the relevance of the knowledge that experts discover. On the teleological account a further feature of many social institutions is their use of joint institutional mechanisms. 2 Mass media and democracy: Diversity of information and democratic choice. What is an institution?‘Organisation or company, public or privately owned that produces and/or distributes media products’ 3. Loss of tropical forests and changes in land-use/land-cover are of growing concern worldwide. This review concerns women's heterosexual aggression. Media studies may draw on traditions from both the social sciences and the humanities, but mostly from its core disciplines of mass communication, communication, communication sciences, and communication studies. Semiotics, intertextuality (intermediality) and the current art scene UNDERSTANDING INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE: FAST-MOVING AND SLOW-MOVING INSTITUTIONS * Gérard Roland * I am grateful to Erik Berglöf, Grigore Pop-Eleches, Thad Dunning, and especially Ruth Collier for very helpful comments. 14 Mar 2018 It is demonstrated that family policies are an important aspect of the institutional context of earnings inequality among coupled households. 2. Old Dominion University (ODU) is a comprehensive, multicultural, and student-centered residential university that enjoys tremendous advantages from its unique coastal location within a thriving metropolitan region adjacent to major maritime and military installations and within easy reach of the nation's capital. It highlights, too, the complementary nature of human agency and material agency in the process of importation of logics induced by institutional entrepreneurs. Ask yourself the following:• What is the institutional source of the text?• Definition of institutional in the AudioEnglish. Abstract. The assumption is that it is fundamentally through interaction that context is built, invoked and managed, and that it is through interaction that In lecture Three of Five of the 2014-2015 Berlin Family Lectures, Lawrence Lessig will discuss Institutional Corruption in the context of Media. 3 An analytical The institutional context of public communication in Western. 'Media Negotiating the State: In the Name of the Law in Anticipation'. The open Web will not survive this institutional context that is fundamentally adverse to its values for long. T1 - Bringing the institutional context back in. 4 Demonstrate understanding of an aspect of a media genre. Social context can be included in historical context, but historical context focuses on the time period as a whole rather than a specific group of people. It exists both in the private sector as well Abstract. The growth of knowledge literature acknowledges the importance of the institutional context of science for the discovery of knowledge. Freyd, J. Corporate Landlords, Institutional Investors, and Displacement: Eviction Rates in Single-Family Rentals Abstract: In this research we document the eviction crisis in the city of Atlanta and adjacent suburbs. Mass media has enormous effects on our attitudes and behavior, notably in regards to aggression. In conclusion, human civilization can be categorized into two types: power-regulated societies and rights-regulated societies. AU - Vanacker, Tom PART ONE MEDIA TEXTS AND MEANINGS As a starting point for our studies we should informational aspects of media forms in all their consider how media industries are organised variety – the very basis of their existence and around basic linear principles in a process of success. Private provision in its institutional context Lessons from health Gerald Bloom March 2004. tive of the overall meaning and the institutional context of mass communica- tion. 1 Jun 2018 ways to ensure diversity in media sources, content and exposure (Napoli, contested, flexible, and usually defined in an institutional context. The term media comes from Latin meaning, "middle", suggesting that the media's function is to connect people. "Cultural and Institutional Context of Global Human Resource Management. This paper is going to also discuss media representations of Africa American men. You can complete the definition of institutional context given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster Outcome Health’s technology platform exists at every touchpoint of the point of care experience, showcasing relevant content to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals when health is top of mind. 15 Mar 2017 The Double-Bind in Raqs Media Collective's Institutional Critique thousands of miles apart and addressing distinct historical contexts,  performance decrease when firms' ED credibility is questioned by the media. Aided by a coordinated strategy, a set of social media policies, and an evolving set of platform-specific tips and best practices, College Communications in conjunction with other departments and offices can build and sustain a strong social media identity for the College. Institutional racism is a powerful system of privilege and power based on race. 1108/ER-07-2013-0088 It shows how social media affords entrepreneurs – embedded agents – the activities and processes to innovate, become institutional entrepreneurs and change their institutional context. evaluating how effectively production role(s) were carried out within the institutional context evaluating how effectively media codes and/or techniques were used in finished content Application of key aspects of media literacy applying, where relevant, content- and context-based key aspects of media literacy to Social Media, Institutional Innovation and Affordances Thirty Fifth International Conference on Information Systems, Auckland 2014 3 The process of collective action for institutional innovation As a whole, institutional theory tends to focus on stasis and continuity, and falls short in generating Question of the "state of the arts today" is largely overdetermined and generated through an institutional context and a universe of discourse used to pose questions and posit answers. Rhonda Cornum . A term loanmade by institutional investors whose primary goals are maximizing the long-term total returns on their investments. that institutional context may pose for the viability of anti-corruption innovations. Therewith, a student would interact via social media with his/her university and other students to expose problems thinking that he/she is pressuring the institution to solve problems with Historical context is a much broader type of context that includes politics, culture, religion, economics and societal norms. Projects as the institutional context of cultural management In this paper, I understand institutions as the Institutional Racism Institutional racism occurs within and between institutions. As such, there is no “one-size-fits-all” model to collaboration. WVU’s relatively new mission statement establishes the pillars of education, health and prosperity for its region and beyond, What is Institutional Context? Definition of Institutional Context: System of bodies, rules, regulation, policies, procedures and processes that characterize the task environment of a third sector organization. For example, when Big Four audit firms set up branches in Brazil GateHouse Media and its publicly traded publisher New Media Investment Group is deep in talks to buy USA Today owner Gannett — a merger that would make America’s biggest newspaper chain even acknowledge is the importance of institutional context in decisions regarding multimedia. Smith and Stella E. I also thank seminar participants at the World Bank. Note that although less obvious perhaps, institutional betrayal can be at the center of events that seem to be isolated when those events happen in an institutional context and similarly it can be responsible for harmful acts of omission. edu/~/media/Research/Files/Reports/2009/2/25  The institutional context affects the cement maker's profitability far more than how and constant shrill criticism from unfamiliar media, often in the vernacular. This research compares the communication media choices of two cultures: the high context culture of China and the low context culture of the United States. Cooper Harriss (Indiana University) Institutional Context: Founded in 1820, Indiana University’s flagship Bloomington campus hosted 49,635 students in 2016—more than 39,000 of which were undergraduates. F. The College of Arts and Sciences remains a primary home for most Through its institutional transformation, China’s media policy has features of both power-regulated societies and rights-regulated societies. These contextual factors affect the introduction of social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter as a new way to social network, has become the new catalyst tool in the formation of social movements. " Tobacco production is said to be an important contributor to Zambia’s economy in terms of labour and revenue generation. This is important as political and institutional contexts in the developing world Institutional context and e-recruitment practices of Danish organizations Article (PDF Available) in Employee Relations 36(4) · May 2014 with 583 Reads DOI: 10. When you're studying Narrative  31 May 2017 Social, cultural, ideological and institutional contexts relating to periods of time and locations of production. Morgan Swan, in Social Media, 2019. All CBM products are designed to highest standards to meet specific needs of professionals within the trade. This platform is made available in Open Access under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3. 28 Mar 2019 this young and controversial field beyond its institutional context and apparent methodological limitations? Drawing on media and technology  4 INSTITUTIONAL CONTEXT. Institutional Context. . new technology and its relationship to changes in institutional context, production Key Words: convergence, crossmedia, news production, journalism, media  28 Feb 2011 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?. au Research Online is the open access institutional repository for the University of Wollongong. Media Institutions Part 1 First of all I have to say that the media world is in a constant state of change, so the content of this article may well not be accurate by the time you read it. The university aligns all programs and services to the mission. and Mila B. T2 - Evidence from privately held European firms. Particularly, the article sets out to identify and apply relevant variables through which metropolitan 182 P. At a minimum, the existing credit situation should be examined so that factors affecting the adoption and use of technology can be identified. Social media is another communication tool to share relevant news to your community, create connections and engage with an external audience. edu. What does institutional mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation (and phonetic transcription) of the word institutional. 4 Jan 2007 The term, “social institution” is somewhat unclear both in ordinary . (2017). I conclude by proposing how the narrative project interpretation could be applied to the practices of cultural management, R&D activities and education. • Purpose, genre, style, content,  Definition of Institutional Context: System of bodies, rules, regulation, policies, procedures and processes that characterize the task environment of a third sector   With our institutional context, outreach goals, and existing social media presence in mind, we began to explore specific social media platforms that might be  Media Institutions Part 1 When we use the term institutions in Media Studies, we usually mean the All texts are produced within an institutional context. Lazarova. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is the voice of organised civil society in Europe. Overall, the institutional context for civil societies in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia has been undergoing fundamental changes over the last few years, especially as regards the role of central governments in CS and their attitudes toward it. In the context of a discussion of atomistic and holist accounts of institutions  As a publicly funded institution, it's important to demonstrate to the public, the ability and authority to explain and put into context these latest news items and  4 Jan 2011 Building Resilience in a Challenging Institutional Context. Institutional racism is discriminatory treatment, unfair policies and inequitable opportunities and impacts, based on race, produced and perpetuated by institutions (schools, mass media, etc. Women Make the News - Thailand is a UNESCO Bangkok project supported by Sweden. See the latest news from the TAP world and have access to our institutional content. “Using Social Media as a The British film industry: institutional context To complete our introduction to the British film industry, we need a little more institutional background. As one of the Paris Peace Forum’s institutional partners, the OECD is committed to contributing its expertise, experience and drive to the Forum’s collective reflection on how to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges. (March, 2008). Although knowledge exists about the institutional context in which tropical forest loss is embedded, little is known about the role of social institutions in influencing regeneration of tropical forests. I proposed new variables as measures of social, economic, and institutional well being, as well as the presence of social media in different countries in order to explain the Change the institutional context: A powerful company’s products or services can force dramatic improvements in local markets. production, distribution and consumption. au Publication Details Najeeb, A. and historical precedents for China’s media policy and regulations. Consumer; In the context of media it refers to receivers and audiences as economic Institutions; Social, cultural, and political structures, called institutions , are  The institutional context is also responsible for reinforcing and perpetuating business of health care, governance, regulation, finance and the role of the media. Authentic inquiry can take place both inside and out of the official curriculum at a variety of scales. Xiaoxu Yang University of Louisville Bringing together Navajo Talking Picture and Cry Rock is in part a means by which to argue that analyses of the thematic similarities between media texts should be attentive to institutional contexts that Indigenous media practitioners navigate in their work, an approach that draws on precedent studies of minority media by Chon Noriega (2000 In the context of promotional spending, which of the following is an example of measured media ad spending? Newspapers A(n) _____ is a series of related ads focusing on a common theme, slogan, and set of advertising appeals. GlossaryTerm Loan B (TLB)Also referred to as a Term B Loan or an institutional term loan. In the context of education, a user may use a social media to disclose complaints or to get information more quickly (Xia 2013). Institutional Context West Virginia University (WVU) is the land-grant flagship institution for the State of West Virginia (State). Bear that in mind and I will try to confine what I say here to a general overview of the topic. 0 IGO licence (CC BY-SA 3. Secondly, there is a gap in the literature regarding the impact of political and institutional factors on research uptake in developing countries. Using the word "society" in this context is a bit ambiguous - "a society" would be a specific group of people, while "society" would be everybody. Try substituting "organisation" and it's clearer - the "institution" in this case is some specific organisation, for instance a police force. n2. The media uses representations—images, words, and characters or personae—to convey ideas and values. org Dictionary. Level 3 AMERICAN PREACHING: WORD, PERFORMANCE, AND MEDIA Prof. 351 participants from the two countries filled out the surveys. Power: The Social Media Revolution in American Politics) and one with Rowman and  1 Mar 2011 dimensions influence access patterns – institutional context, segmented institutional context. 4 Understand the Pros and Cons of Each Platform of Interest. The Institutional Context of Media Production. Case Studies will be published in early November. Media studies is a discipline and field of study that deals with the content, history, and effects of various media; in particular, the mass media. AU - Singh, Gurneeta V. Sojourn   16 Jan 2018 The institutional context of tobacco production in Zambia Recent media accounts suggest there may be more than one, with a new one  We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and The Institutional Context of African Development about ' structural adjustment' and to look at all the public and civic institutions which are likely to  31 May 2017 focuses on a social and cultural critique of new media and From the scholar's side, acquiring support for a project in an institutional context. The social reception and adoption of new media causes a reconfiguration of the total media system, but not a canceling or replacement of old by the new. T1 - Slack resources, firm performance, and the institutional context. The epistemological framework Institutions, according to Samuel P. its institutional context lessons from health Gerald Bloom. Institutional Context Northern Arizona University (NAU), established in 1899, is one of three state universities in Arizona. 65 The nature of, and relationships between, the dimensions of the institutional context are critical to understanding the demands that are placed on the Institutional Context Channel 4 is the Conglomerate of a number of different channels, for subsidiaries of Channel 4 includes more4, 4music and E4. And has this change shaped the public's political behavior? This book examines waning public trust in the institutional news media within the context of the American political system and looks at how this lack of confidence has altered the ways people acquire political information and form electoral preferences. This was up until 1993 when channel 4 was taken over by Channel 4 Television Corporation, which is a big Conglomerate. Construction Business Media, LLC applies vast market expertise to the creation of strategic digital and print products of service to the product education of the design and construction trade. Institutional Allocators Are Bullish About Active Management and Alternative Investments According to the Latest Context Allocator Trends Report from Context Summits West 2017, 67% of Investors Cultural and institutional context of global human resource management. Meaning of institutional. We empirically explore Incubator-BUS (I-BUS), a student organization within a private Brazilian university, which sought to incubate cooperatives for vulnerable groups. 3. EDUCATIONAL USE OF MEDIA ART WORKS . The following art works in a specific institutional context. Search institutional context and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. Channel 4 although mainly based on television converges through the use of applications which can be obtained on mobile phones and iPod’s. 1. some researchers state that number of opportunities in an environment is • Institutional theory brings in the social context • The boundary of rational choice (about IT) is socially constructed, and if legitimated and taken for granted as a social fact, operates and persists even beneath the level of consciousness – We (and our organizations) act out of socially constructed ideas of what is beneficial. It provides an innovative forum to present research that addresses all forms of discourse theory, data and methods - from detailed linguistic or interactional analyses to wider studies of representation, knowledge and In this article, we explain the mechanisms that allow social enterprises to balance their missions, and the risk of mission drift as organizations grow. This research will also examine the impacts that media has on racism and it will also consider the question, does media reinforce racism in our communities and how, and more specifically, this research will look at the impacts on African American men. J. T2 - A cross-national comparison of alliance partner selection and knowledge acquisition. Donovan, "Child Welfare Practice in Organizational and Institutional Context," Social Service Review 77, no. social media adoption. In light of Zambia’s obligations under the WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (FCTC) we examined the institutional actors in Zambia’s tobacco sector to better understand their roles and determine the institutional context that supports tobacco production in Students who undertake media studies for NCEA at level 2 will analyse the distinguishing codes/conventions and the development of a genre. From this perspective, upon completing an MLE curriculum, students should be able to articulate, for example, who does and does not have a voice in media, the possible reasons why media producers choose to convey certain messages, and why those messages However, institutional context may be the one which stimulate or retarding the number of opportunities in an environment. institutional context issues are critical to any discussion of research-policy links. TY - JOUR. Since the majority of literature does not address institutional context, it promotes a view of multimedia as a technological tool, external to content or the need for consideration within the larger programmatic or institutional goals. (2014). Definitions of cultural context on the Web: * Whether intact or ripped, shredded or faded, flyers embody a living visual history of artists and bands, sometimes reflecting months, even years, of diligent, ongoing promotional work; hence, one can peel back the past like a sequence of skins on poles layered with leftover flyers. pre-existing institutional circumstances are seen as enclosing interaction, CA starts with the view that 'context' is both a project and a product of the participants' actions. 26 Jul 2011 Organizations face institutional complexity whenever they confront incompa- context where the logics of science and of commerce are both in play the media and consultants (Deephouse & Heugens, 2009; King, 2008;. , from someone who is entitled to them, and is denied on the basis of race, color or national origin. These Case Studies reflect the perspectives of key informants from YouthSave partner institutions, financial institutions, and government ministries for youth and development. M. Institutional context :E4 (NEW) Channel 4 started as a subsidiaries of the International Broadcasting Authority (IBA). We place eviction-driven housing instability in the broader context of changing housing markets, Here we discuss early findings on institutional context for youth savings products in each of the YouthSave countries. 329 makers via the public or the media. Strong institutions in the form of regulative, normative and cognitive structures can enable and inspire trust-relations among people at the interpersonal and inter-organizational level. Here, I will be explaining 4 key concepts of the creation and distribution of media products, in particular films and The NHS, like any other organisation, is embedded in a historical, sociocultural, economic and political context which shapes the norms, values and expectations that in turn influence the structures and processes of the health-care system. ThinkIR: The University of Louisville's Institutional Repository Electronic Theses and Dissertations 5-2016 The influence of high/low context culture on choice of communication media : students’ media choice to communicate with professors in China and the United States. Academic programs are offered on the Flagstaff campus, uniquely located on the Colorado Plateau, as well as on statewide campuses and online. For further information contact the UOW Library: research-pubs@uow. ©UNESCO 2018. Franklin & Marshall College's social media presence is young but growing. Racism depends on the ability to give or withhold social benefits, facilities, services, opportunities etc. and continental European institutional contexts and the tendency towards  Social Media and Learning Environments: Shifting Perspectives on the In particular, technology has an institutional context that impacts it adoption and uses. Social context considers prevalence and incidence, gender roles and social norms, reactions to   This article explores the relationship between the media-use patterns of European audiences and the institutional contexts of digital media systems in a  5 Sep 2017 This effect is likely conditional on institutional context. Elinbaum & D. The Use of Social Media in Recruitment to Research: A Guide for Investigators and IRBs1 Harvard Catalyst Regulatory Foundations, Ethics, & Law Program 1 Parts of this guidance document are reproduced in Gelinas, Pierce, et al. In the context of racism, power is a necessary precondition for discrimination. History of the term Institutional Betrayal in context of Betrayal Trauma Theory. Individuals Brenda D. The university provides resources to ensure they are successful. The media can teach norms and values by way of representing symbolic reward and punishment for different kinds of behavior. Media — Institutional Detetámos que tem o JavaScript desativado no seu browser. The open Internet and its values of open collaboration  2 May 2017 presentations of media artworks. Corruption is a term that describes various negative activities, which includes, “bribery, extortion, influence-peddling, nepotism, fraud, speed money, embezzlement and more”3. Y1 - 2013/3/1 identity and the media. In Essentials of international human resource management (pp. Institutional Context: Strategic Plan Technology Goals, Objectives, Measures Relationship to Curriculum, Economic Development, & Other Priorities Revisions due to New Technology Connection of future technology requests to overall strategic plan Institutional Context: Financial Resoures Current Institutional Budget Funding Designated for This study focuses on a widely used cultural construct, high context and low context culture to investigate the culture’s influence on media choices. 4 Vision . The development of human societies is based on three dominant variables: competition, technology, and institutions. 55 City Road, London: SAGE Publications, Ltd doi: 10. Debray and mediology: media systems and institutional contexts: mediaspheres. The Swedish NGO Vi Agroforestry founded Agroforestry Network as an expert’s platform with the aim to make agroforestry more recognised among development aid stakeholders. Discussion in the media and research within psychology. permitted to attain optimal institutional autonomy and efficiency, which enabled a powerful private sector to emerge2. 4 (December 2003): 541-563. The EESC issues between 160 and 190 opinions and information reports a year. Institutional-based approaches to trust can explain how trust logics can exist in a societal context as compared to logics of distrust. Creating an inquiry-rich curriculum and developing a stand-alone undergraduate research program are two good targets for action as well as developing the support and resources to sustain whatever effort best fits a particular institutional context. The media can be both a site of change, but also fundamentally a site that perpetuates ideologies and norms. Because this peculiar institution, racism, becomes a part of the very structure in which one resides, operates and works; institutions and organizations also yield to structurally racialized spaces. It also organises several annual initiatives and events with a focus on civil society and citizens’ participation such FAIR is the national progressive media watchdog group, challenging corporate media bias, spin and misinformation. Thomas, David C. We will be using another Media Factsheet to finish our background research on this exam topic. The institutional context in this case is an EU funded development project. Media representations, therefore, are not neutral or objective. We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. This emphasizes the institutional context to which Dorothy Smith theorized. Institutional arrangements for climate-smart landscapes We believe that agroforestry is an excellent way to fight poverty and climate change. The first major wave of the coming of the mass production of messages. Galland Downloaded by [Aalborg University Library] at 14:53 08 December 2015 Discourse, Context & Media is an international journal dedicated to exploring the full range of contemporary discourse work. Understanding the credit context - government and bank policies, availability of credit, and the institutional relationships involved in its delivery - is important for extension. PY - 2013/3/1. Institutional context and culture are critical to assessing the potential for collaboration, devising an approach for collaboration, and embarking upon initiatives that serve as tangible representations of collaboration. Institutional Context Conversations with employees and community members indicate the university is very aware of the population it serves, mostly first-generation students with one-third considered low income. Medicine Hat need is a media centre from which the college can stream games. Canadian Institutional Views in a Global Context 2 number of asset classes, as shown at left, not just in equity decisions. In considering the institutional context it is necessary, from the beginning, to pay attention to the culture within which the work will take place as well as the goals and mission of the institution with which you are working. Even now after a War in Iraq and Afghanistan, civilians (primarily the media and radical organizations) state that the soldier involved in the Fort Hood shooting wasn’t even in combat; he wasn’t shot or blown up. 23-46). brookings. Each type of society has its own institutional features and exhibits a different policy of media regulation; be- The Ugly Side of America: Institutional Oppression and Race Renita Seabrook University of Baltimore Heather Wyatt-Nichol University of Baltimore This manuscript examines structural racism through a socio-historical context of institutional oppression and its effects on modern society. 4135/9781506374475. Read chapter 2 Legal and Institutional Context for Immigrant Integration: The Available: http://www. When asked if it is important to incorporate ESG factors into both equity and fixed income portfolios, 86% of Canadian institutional asset owners agreed, although one third of these thought it nonetheless more Context in communication refers to the surrounding physical environment and the framework of related facts and events within which a communication takes place. Psychology Definition of SOCIAL CONTEXT: These are general environment or circumstances that are the social framework for interpersonal and individual behaviour. With our institutional context, outreach goals, and existing social media presence in mind, we began to explore specific social media platforms that might be suitable for our needs. Institutional theory and human resource management Ali Najeeb University of Wollongong, an596@uowmail. – Simon B Apr 11 '14 at 7:48 Institutional Context Conversations with employees and community members indicate the university is very aware of the population it serves, mostly first-generation students with one-third considered low income. institutional context, instrumental content and planning processes. Critically review the institutional context of a creative media Industry from Early Cinema, European and British Cinema, and other cinematic institutions other than Hollywood and evaluate that industry’s influence upon audiences. ). 0 IGO). The media can teach norms and values by way of representing symbolic reward and punishment for different . Huntington, are "stable, valued, recurring patterns of . It can take many forms, including but not limited to blogs, online forums, and networking sites. We are just leaving a time when the purposes of media — by which is meant the presentation of news affecting the public interest — were relatively clear, and are entering a time in which achieving * The social environment, social context, sociocultural context or milieu refers to the immediate physical and social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops. institutional context of media production (Lewis & Jhally 1998; Masterman 1985). Examples of joint institutional mechanisms are the device of tossing a coin to resolve a dispute and voting to elect a candidate to political office. AU - Teegen, Hildy J. For more information, go to: Achievement Standard 91251 2. This study examines the use of enterprise social media (ESM) for organizational knowledge sharing and shows that professionals face ambiguities because their knowledge sharing behavior is informed by an institutional complexity that consists of 2 dissimilar institutional logics: logics of the profession, and logics of the corporation. InstitutionsAS Media Studies 2. 4 Mission. institutional context media

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